Under Casing

Sanmit introduces the undercasing suitable for various makes and models of carding machines.


The main functions of the Undercasing are:

  • To cover the cylinder/Licker-in
  • To control the air currents
  • To control the movement of fibres
  • To allow heavy particles to fall down without loss of good fibres
  • To assist formation of even and Uniform layer of fibres for transfer to doffer.

  • The Undercasing are subjected to heavy abrasive actions, especially when spinning with trashy cotton or man-made fibres. Highspeed and presence of trash in material causes the undercasing to wear and thus it losses it smoothness. Also, cuts and burrs are formed on the projectionsof grids. This increases the frictional force and offers resistance to the material.


304-grade stainless steel with LASER cutting and special composition for soldering ensures:

  • Dimensional accuracy for perfect fitment and gauges
  • Matching of contours and curvatures
  • Smooth, polished and wear resistant surface


  • Avoids Occurrence of long thin faults
  • No fibre licking due to smooth surface
  • Prevents loss of good fibres
  • Perfect and uniform gauges
  • Longer life of undercasing
  • No distorted air currents

Undercasing And Carding Plates Available For All Major Makes And Models

  • Truetzschler-DK715, DK-740
  • Crosrol - Mark 3, 4, 5A, 5B
  • Toyoda - CN, CE, TM - 8/S
  • Toyoda - MEIKIN
  • Howa CMSK3, CMS80
  • Whitein
  • Platts
  • Rieter - C1, C2, C3, C4
  • Marzoli - C20, C40, C300
  • Ming Cheng
  • LWW - 1/2, 1/3, 100, 300
  • Tathamhs - 14148
  • Hollingsworth
  • Rosique Card